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Welcome to the TM Gården website

We are Titus and Monique van der Ploeg and we invite you for a great holiday in one or more of our appartments in beautiful Sweden. Browse to your convenience through the pages of this website to get a proper impression. The extensive forests, the beautiful nature, the many lakes and of course the overwhelming peace !! All beautiful Sweden is known for is to be found during your holiday at TM Gården


Since the summer of 2008, we are the proud owners of TM GÅRDEN and have been busy since then with rebuilding the apartments for you to have a fantastic stay.


TM GÅRDEN is very quitly located in the old mining and idyllic village of Hörken, which is surrounded with forests and lakes. In the hills on the border of the Örebro and Dalarna provinces in the municipality of Ljusnarsberg, Hörken is located in Swedens largest nature reserve, Malingsbo-Kloten.
3 km from the main road 50, located at the Norra Hörken lake, Hörken is separated by the fast flowing stream Hörksälven. At the end of the quiet road through Hörken, TM GÅRDEN is to be found. Because of the location of the village Grängesberg at 9 km and the location of the city Ludvika at 20 km from TM Gården, there are plenty of supermarkets, shops, entertainment and activities in the immediate area.
This makes the location of TM GÅRDEN very unique. Because of its unique location TM Gården is ideal for an active or relaxing holiday in nature.

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